entry into the new head office on 05.12.2016



After the steady growth, which was further expedited through the expansion of the international sales activities the demand for working and storage placement areas increased. Through this the decision to build an own central office was the only way.


For the Carsig GmbH it was important to remain the location in Rottweil, as well as to build the new building in high quality.

The new building provides enough space for trainings for the customers and sales partners and it enables a representative welcome for customers all over the world.


Through an intelligent warehouse logistic it is now possible to organise internal processes more effective and offer the employees an environment for creative working. Carsig will use this possibility to expand the gain of market share and to enter new business fields.


In order to depict these goals personell as well as to fulfill all internal processes, we are searching for Electronic Ingenieurs/Technician for hard- and software development, Electronicians as well as Production Workers with the focus of soldering.


You can find the report of the local press here.